Frequently Asked Questions


Questions You Want To Know

What is a typical process of any interior design project?

The process that most of the interior design companies Dubai follow, include talking to the client, designing and developing the ideas and then implementing it in construction. Being among the topmost firms in Dubai, Al Motwair also follow the same thing but in a systematic way. We approach the clients, schematically design ideas thus taken, where the space planning and furniture layouts are developed, build up the design where our designing team develops floor plans, elevations and other related items in greater detail, develop a 3D preview of the entire designing idea, show it to the client, and after getting approval we start with the construction process to complete the work within the promised time. For making your dream project, a reality, we have a team of professional designers who have a wide knowledge of the industry. They have the experience and expertise to make more informed decisions avoiding any expensive pitfalls.

How do I estimate budgets for my project?

The cost of the design is as important as the design itself, for a majority of clients and the estimation of the budget is where the problem arises. Typically the designers and architects do not provide empirical budgets when estimating a project and rely quite on their previous experience.

Of course, you would have to know the scope of your project, keep the area or size in mind, and also the kind of furniture and fit-outs that you want in the interior designing project, before you decide on the estimated budget. Along with that you also must hire the best interior designing company in Dubai, like Al Motwair that is ready to work for you in a fixed budget. It has the best team of designers and architects to create the desired design and select the furniture and fit-outs while keeping your style in mind within the raw budget that you estimated, and will not just simply go with their experience.

What’s the difference between interior design & Fit out?

When talking about interior designing, it is more about the look, style, and feel, of the inside of a space (whether residential or commercial). It deals with color choice, décor, flooring, furniture, material, texture, and designs. A fit-out, on the other hand, pays more attention to features like the shapes and sizes of rooms, placement of windows and ventilation, space planning, plumbing, heating, doors, lighting, and any other utilities.

Can you design from reference we would give?

We have a team of the best interior design consultants to work with you and consider your unique demands. And integrating them with their own designs an exclusive style is conceived to meet your specific expectations. Moreover, a 3D preview is provided to you so that you can perceive the look of the interiors beforehand, and check if it is per your requirement.

Do you allow us to buy furniture directly?

Although most of the firms when engaged for an interior design project, do not allow anyone, sometimes not even the client, to interfere in the design project until completed. But, Al Motwair, being the top interior design company in Dubai, keeps client satisfaction the utmost priority. We take your ideas and then suggest our own, shaping them up according to your particular desires.

Do we get 3D renderings before signing the project?

Al Motwair is the best interior design firm in Dubai having a team of excellent interior design consultants who will work with you and also consider your specific demands. They will then integrate your design ideas with their own and then conceive an exclusive style that will meet your specific expectations.

What number of people will work on my project?

The number of people that will be working on your interior design project completely depends on how big your interior design project is plus a couple of other factors, like your budget and the project’s deadline.

Can you arrange live visit to your completed projects?

Besides providing a photorealistic 3D view of our proposed interior design of your project, we can also arrange a live visit to any of our completed projects displayed on our website. This will help you to know more about us, our style of working from our real clients. We have worked on interiors of many offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, villas, apartments, and others.